Call for Papers: 2017 Annual Conference PMI Norway Chapter

2017 Annual Conference PMI Norway Chapter

September 25th 2017


Call for Papers

Conference Theme: 

"Adapt or Die? Transforming Project Management to Embrace the Challenges of Tomorrow”

The conference theme focuses on how projects in the future must mirror changing business trends and adapt in scope, domain, content and timeframe. Proposals should fall within the 9 slots below.


PMI Subject Category

Technical domain skills

Leadership & Governance

Strategic and Business Management

1. Projects related to Environmental issues and Renewable Energy




2. Governance & Leadership challenges in future global Projects (cultural, political, demographic, ethical or social)




3. Methodologies, tools and special skills for management and execution of future disruptive Projects






Papers are invited from PMI members, project management practitioners and project specialists for publication and presentation at the 2017 Annual PMI Norway Chapter Conference, to be held in Oslo as a one-day conference September 25th 2017.

The subject matter of the paper must be within the conference theme, have a title related to one of the above categories, and will be evaluated according to the call and the three skill areas in the talent triangle of PMI Project Management Institute.

Selection of Papers

Papers need to be submitted and evaluated in two stages:

The submission documents containing an abstract of your subject matter, and the below information needs to be submitted on or before March 15th 2017.

All received proposals will be evaluated. Selected and qualified proposals will be accepted for presentation and publication.


Accepted proposals based on the information in the abstract must then be completed by the author and a final version for publication submitted for final review on or before June 30th 2017.  The proposals accepted for publication and presentation at the conference will receive individual feedback.


Required Proposal Information in submission document with an abstract

Submission of the abstract must be in a pdf electronic document and must contain the following:

  •          Title of Paper, max 30 words
  •          Author/ co-Authors/ co-presenters, PMI Chapter, with name of company/organisation, address, e-mail, phone number and photo of authors
  •          Mini-CV/biography of authors.
  •          Abstract with minimum 500 words, maximum 1000 words excluding diagrams.
  •          Submission must be in writing in the English language, in a pdf file which can also contain diagrams, photos and a reference list.
  •          Proposals with abstract must be submitted electronically to the e-mail address call4papers@pmi-no.org.


Presentations at the conference will 25 minutes. Slides and documents will be published on the PMI-Norway Chapter website post conference.


Acceptance of papers for presentation at the conference is eligible for 15 PDUs, and can be registered post conference.


Deadlines for submission

  1.       Document with abstract March 15th 2017, late submissions will not be accepted.
  2.       For accepted papers, submission of the presentation document for conference presentation is June 30th 2017.



Submissions will be evaluated by a qualified review team based on

  •          Relevance of subject
  •          Proposal content
  •          Information in the abstract


Copyrighted material can be used and must have the written permission of the copyright holder.

Handouts can be prepared but are not mandatory as presentations will be published.


The review team reserves the right to

  •          Select any one or none of the proposals for inclusion in the conference programme
  •          Decide the time allotted to the presentations
  •          Contact the applicants during and after proposal evaluation
  •          Make minor changes or modify the presentation titles that proposers can comment/approve
  •          Place the paper in the programme where judged most suitable


Questions can be addressed to the mail address call4papers@pmi-no.org and the review team will respond within 2 working days.




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