Webinar - Business Agility Transformation

January 09, 2017
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Benytt deg av webinarmulighetene du har gjennom PMI-medlemskapet ditt.

Business Agility Transformation - It's not about Agile, it's about Agility!

Your company, along with many others, is probably in the middle of transforming to Agile by teaching teams Agile practices and scaling Agile across the organization. The challenge is many leaders fail to have an overall strategy for this transformation that combines the necessary Process, Culture, Org Structure and Technical processes that need to change. Agile is just one ingredient part of the overall stack for truly achieving business agility and organizational health.

Through this session we'll dig deeper into the Business Agility Health radar and discover the 4 critical elements needed for designing successful business agility transformations.

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