Prosjektorganisering har blitt en vanlig arbeidsform for de fleste bedrifter og organisasjoner, og derfor stilles det også større krav til prosjektledernes erfaring og kompetanse. Med det følger et behov for å synliggjøre og dokumentere prosjektlederes erfaring og kompetanse på linje med leger, advokater, revisorer, og tilsvarende.

Test deg selv: Hvor mye kan du om prosjektledelse? 

Siden slutten av 90-tallet har ledende prosjektmiljøer og organisasjoner i Norge benyttet PMIs sertifiseringer som en standard. PMI sentralt har ulike kurs- og opplæringstilbud, du kan finne mer informasjon om disse her.



Ledige roller/Vacancies PMI Norway Chapter

Er du aktuell som kandidat til et av de ledige vervene i PMI Norway Chapter? PMI Norway Chapter er og ønsker å være en demokratisk organisasjon. Til høsten er det igjen valg, og vi inviterer alle medlemmer som ønsker å stille til valg, om å melde seg. Vi...

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Closing the PMO and Exec communication gap

A widening communication gap between senior execs and the PMO community is impacting businesses worldwide. Execs aren’t receiving the information they need in the formats they demand, and PMOs aren’t aligning portfolio performance tracking outputs with their execs’ needs and charac...

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The Guide to Planning a Perfect Project

We are all involved in one or more projects in our day to day, a lot of people to keep track of/engage, a great amount of work that keeps piling up. When we look at a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, more than 60% of project failures are linked to internal issues such as insufficient resources or mi...

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What I talk about when I talk about Risk Management - Event Summary

In our February Event we invited Jens Koerte from brim-as to speak to us about risk management. His presentation led us from why we use risk management and what it is (and what it is no) to an easy to apply concept of holding risk workshops. The discussions and questions during and after the present...

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Agile metoder og kvalitet i prosjektarbeidslivet | Agile methods and quality of project work life

Til alle prosjektledere og andre med erfaring fra prosjektarbeid Hver vår og høst hjelper vi studenter som tar fag relatert til prosjektledelse, med spørreundersøkelser i tilknytning til faget. Denne gangen er det to ulike forskningsteam ved Universitetet i Agder som tren...

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What will the future of Project Management be?

A couple of years ago, in our minds, we had things like real-time collaboration, advanced resource management, intelligent reporting and having all projects in one central location as the future of Project Management. What if we are already there? Find out more in this interactive collection of asse...

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Power of Project Management in Disruptive Times - Event Summary

Our first event of the year, The Power of Project Management to thrive in Disruptive Times, started off with three exiting presentations and an engaged audience! We were close to 50 participants and the rooms was full to the last seat!   The program for the evening spanned from the view of an...

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Five signs you need a Project Management Tool

Just 33% of organizations deliver projects that are likely to meet original goals or business objectives. So why is that? Do you also struggle to deliver your Projects? Are you using the correct PM tool? Or are you using one at all? This guide will show you the 5 signs you need to notice to understa...

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EU funding for Norwegian research and innovation projects

On 5 December, the PMI Norway Chapter local branch in Bergen put EU funding opportunities for Norwegian researchers and innovators on the agenda at an event sponsored by Knowit at Nøstet. The topic raised a lot of interest among the the Project Managers in the audience. Amir Spahic, Senior Pr...

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PMI Oslo Pub - November Blog

PMI PUB og Innovasjon Norge - Passion for Project Growth Outside our Borders We had another exciting pub seminar on the 21st of November. The turnout was good, and our host; Innovation Norway, was very generous with the venue and refreshments. The theme was international project leadership. Maria ...

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