Project Leader of the Year 2019 is Sana Riahi

The Project Leader of the Year 2019 is Sana Riahi from Evry. The award was presented to Sana at the Oslo Project Symposium 26th of August 2019.

This is the second time PMI Norway Chapter awards a prize for the project leader of the year. And this year there were two awards:

  • Project Leader of the Year – Årets prosjektleder 2019
  • Aspiring Project Leader of the Year – Årets prosjektledertalent 2019, see separate article

We believe it is important to recognize those individuals who have done an extraordinary job within the project leader area, both as a motivator for the team and its success as well as being a strong contributor to the project leadership profession. We have also been looking for individuals who have focused on maintaining and improving their own skills, according to the PMI competence triangle.

It was a close race between the entered nominees. However, there is one candidate whose score was above the others: Project Leader of the Year, Sana Riahi


Sana has achieved great results this last year in his role as programme and project manager for an important company in the insurance business. The programme consists of several subprojects addressing various technical challenges and training of personnel.

As a result of his achievements Sana has been given the role as Team Leader in the department for Program and Project Management at Evry, where he is responsible for 12 employees.

The winner is a continuous source of support and valuable advice. Sana is always there for his colleagues, making the other team members better, encouraging and praising individual achievements. As a Project Leader he will always give honest and constructive feedback, as well as appreciating input and feedback himself. Sana has a positive influence on his environment in all situations, creates the trust and care needed for his team members to do their very best.

Sana contributes to the development of the project management profession in his company by developing new services. He develops and distributes new Project Management templates and plays an active role in EVRY’s professional group for Project Management.

The winner believes in the development of his own skills through training courses, certifications in Project Management and IT Service Management, and leadership education.

Sana is able to combine technical and business understanding with empathy for his team in order to create a framework for high quality project results.

In addition to the plaque and diploma, Bavaria is sponsoring this year’s award with one week's free use of their BMW I3 electric car.

We congratulate Sana Riahi with the award!

SanaRiahi award

Director of Academic Outreach, Øyvind Johnsen, presented the award to Sana Riahi from Evry

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