Aspiring Project Leader of the Year 2019 is Beatriz Alonso Castro

The Aspiring Project Leader of the Year 2019 is Beatriz Alonso Castro from Repsol. The award was presented to Beatriz' manager Roland Daly from Repsol at the Oslo Project Symposium 26th of August 2019.

This is the first time PMI Norway Chapter awards a prize for the aspiring project leader of the year. And this year there were two awards:

  • Project Leader of the Year – Årets prosjektleder 2019, see separate article
  • Aspiring Project Leader of the Year – Årets prosjektledertalent 2019

PMI Norway Chapter wants to focus on the young, aspiring project leaders. That is why, this year, we wanted to give an award to someone less experienced, but who has shown great talent for project management, both in project management as a profession, but also by focusing on the people around them.

It was a close race is this category, and the winner for of "The Aspiring Project Leader of the Year" is Beatriz Alonso Castro.
BeatrizAlonso Repsol
Beatriz is a Naval Architect who joined a large Subsea project over a year ago after completing a complex MOPU removal project, and has achieved great results already for the project and her team. She came to the project and immediately identified several key tools of project management that needed to be set up. She was not afraid to ask questions and express concern resulting in decisions that benefitted the project.

Beatriz has established several project management initiatives that have strengthened the overall team. She is sought after by other projects and departments for her expertise and collaborative approach, creating and inspiring teams.

Due to her professional skills, impressive results, clear talent for project management, and an aspiring driver for the project management profession, she is really a worthy winner of this year's award, congratulations to Beatriz.


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