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Presentations from the Oslo Project Symposium

Presentations from the Oslo Project Symposium

It feels like a long time ago since August and the amazing programme and speakers we at the Oslo Project Symposium.

Below you can download individual presentations, or download all of them in one ZIP. We hope you benefit from the content, and credit the respective speakers if you refer to these presentations to others. Thank you!

  pdf Cathrine Holten (7.52 MB) - Altinn

  pdf Johan Reenskaug (2.72 MB) - Johan Sverdrup

  pdf Nuno Gil (1.18 MB) - Crossrail London

  pdf Ingrid Dahl Hovland (9.46 MB) - Nye Veier

  pdf Leif Delp (3.88 MB) - Hywind Windpark

  pdf Mike Palladino (17.84 MB) - Hoover Dam

  pdf Roar Haugland (4.78 MB) - Solar Energy Farms

  pdf Maria Gil (14.55 MB) - Motorways UK

  pdf Eric Smith (2.49 MB) - Qatalum

  pdf Hans Hagby (4.97 MB) - Munch Museum


To download all the presentations in one go,   archive download this ZIP (68.07 MB)  

Have you not registered your PDUs yet? The PMI event number is: OPS20190826

If you have any questions about the content, please contact Joan Frost Urstad, the PM for the Oslo Project Symposium 2019.


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