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Solar Orbiter webinar 7 October - recording and slides

Solar Orbiter webinar 7 October - recording and slides

We would like to extend our appreciation to César García Marirrodriga at ESA for his engaging and very interesting webinar about the development of space missions at ESA.

After a very fascinating introduction to what ESA is, Norway's role, projects and organisation, César made the connection high-level to their project management approach. The majority of the project managers at ESA have an engineering background, and the ESA environment is very international and knows few borders.

Good numbers in the poll:

  • Likelihood to recommend the webinar to a fellow project manager: 81% said Yes, 14% said Maybe
  • Recommendation of César Carcía Marirrodriga as speaker: 95% said Yes
  • Did you learn something new today? 90% said Yes


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