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Takeaways from webinar on Discoveries through Personal Agility

Takeaways from webinar on Discoveries through Personal Agility

Agility continues to be a popular topic, and Raji and Michal presented a new angle on agility in the event on 29 October.

Raji Sivaraman and Michal Raczka have built a model called The Personal Agility Lighthouse™ model. It consist of seven flavours - Learning, Cerebral, Emotional, Education, Change, Political, and Outcomes Agility.

The webinar gave a brief introduction to the model, and Raji and Michal welcome input from participants on the model. Their book goes into the model in detail, and the reader can take a test and interact with Raji and Michal about the scores.

77% of the participants said they would recommend Raji and Michal as speakers, and 59% said they learned something new during the webinar.

Link to event, with bio of both speakers. Connect with Raji and Michal via their website - AgilityDiscoveries.

Feel free to download the  pdf Slides from the event (3.25 MB) .



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