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EU Horizon 2020 MELODIC Project with Geir Horn - recording

EU Horizon 2020 MELODIC Project with Geir Horn - recording

Norway is not a member of the EU, but we participate in many EU projects, including EU Horizon 2020, and more specifically, MELODIC, the topic of our 10 February 2021 webinar.

Read the full description of the topic in this webinar entry:

We ran a poll during the Q&A session, with very positive feedback:

  • 94% learned something new
  • 92% would recommend Geir Horn as a speaker
  • 73% would definitely recommend this particular webinar to a fellow Project Manager, the rest said maybe


A few useful MELODIC links:


Many thanks to Geir Horn for giving an insightful and useful presentation. Our need for processing and storing data seems to be growing exponentially, so to have in place a tool for utilizing cloud capacity and countering the dominance of the giant Amazon, is very promising indeed.


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