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Emotional Intelligence Part 1 - Self-awareness - with Imran Khursid

Emotional Intelligence Part 1 - Self-awareness - with Imran Khursid

The first topic in the Soft Skills Training Sessions organized by our Young Professionals group was Emotional Intelligence, and more specifically Self-awareness.

After an introduction to the topic, Imran guided the participants through a series of polls, break-out sessions and knowledge-sharing using Google Jamboard. 

Original event description:

Takeaway questions from the part 1 session:

  1. Think about what will you do now to increase your level of Self-Awareness while working on your projects. 
  2. Think about how you can increase your level of Self-Awareness in your personal life. This is relevant because as we work from home these days, understanding your emotions and what causes them in your home environment can affect your work or projects.
You are welcome to send your responses to the first question above to Imran Khurshid to his email address, which is mentioned on the last slide of his slide deck. 


Part 2 in this mini-series will focus on Self-Management (event description and registration link), and if you plan to join it and did not have a chance to join part 1, please listen back to the recording and look at the slides used by Imran during the first session.

Slides -   pdf Emotional Intelligence part 1 (1.72 MB)

Recording below, approx 45 minutes (excl breakout room sessions).


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