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Five Signs You Need a Project Management Tool

Just 33% of organizations deliver projects that are likely to meet original goals or business objectives. So why is that? Do you also struggle to deliver your Projects?

Agile metoder og kvalitet i prosjektarbeidslivet

Til alle prosjektledere og andre med erfaring fra prosjektarbeid

Would you like to influence how project management evolves?

PMI is an organization that aims to promote project management as a discipline. PMI consists of 50,000 volunteers and 600,000 members worldwide. PMI Norway Chapter has about 650 members, four local network and volunteers who contribute in various roles in the association.

With PMI as a backdrop you have the opportunity to make yourself visible and build networks within markets and disciplines in a unique way.

The  current board of PMI Norway Chapter were elected at the annual meeting on 25 March 2015. An ongoing process with a focus on board composition and roles in general of the association, is expected to result in a proposal for amendments to be submitted to the annual meeting in February 2016. This must Nomination Committee may take into account in their work, and for some roles will possibly be required with short engagement until an extraordinary general meeting which is scheduled in the autumn of 2016. Regardless, we need motivated candidates who would like to contribute to the association.

In addition to board members, we are looking for a new member of the Constitutional Committee. Candidates know PMI Norway Chapter preferably through previously boards of association, will be preferred.

The term generally is of 2 years, but the election committee has the mandate to propose changes in the composition of the Board to ensure continuity, so one year might be appropriate.

Anyone holding a valid membership in PMI and PMI Norway Chapter can be elected.

We ask that interested members who are passionate about the project subject, according to their interest by sending an email to  with the following contents:

  • Name
  • Business / Employment / jobs
  • Background
  • Why you want a board member, and any which positions you are most interested in
  • What tasks / activities you think PMI Norway Chapter should focus on
  • How much time you are willing to invest in office


PMI is a volunteer organization run by unpaid volunteers, but PMI Norway Chapter covers any travel expenses in connection with their duties.

For the sake of the process, we need your feedback as soon as possible, and no later than January 5, 2016.

We will contact everyone who signs up, and look forward to connect expertise and motivation to fill vacancies in PMI Norway Chapter. 

With best regards,

The election committee of PMI Norway Chapter:

Eivind Rigstad, Bergen network
Jim Ryen, Telemark network
Sjur stumo, Oslo network

Agile methods and quality of project work life

Dear project managers and others with experience from working in projects

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