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EU Horizon 2020 MELODIC Project

EU Horizon 2020 MELODIC Project

EU Horizon 2020 MELODIC Project

The award-winning EU Horizon 2020 MELODIC project is about multi-cloud execution-ware for large-scale optimized data-intensive computing. The award justification nicely sums up the project and its successes: The 2020 OW2 Best Project Market Award goes to MELODIC, the multi-cloud automation and optimization platform, for successfully executing the transition from collaborative research project to commercial product with full professional support, for having signed a significant number of real-life customers in several countries, and for developing a full-fledged value proposition carefully aligned with market expectations while eliminating vendor lock-in.  

Creating the MELODIC platform was a collaborative effort involving seven partners from Norway, Poland, Germany, Greece and The Czech Republic. The activities covered three equally important areas: Research, platform development, and platform testing with real applications. The research activities had high risk, but the success of these investigations was a prerequisite for the success of the other activities. The agile platform development was carried out by researchers and developers from all partner organisations in a collaborative way with professional testing. End-user application testing was included in each development cycle.

The talk will cover a brief introduction to the MELODIC platform and the vision and objectives of the project. Then it will cover the project organisation and planning, the management structure needed to ensure timely progress, the tools used, and some lessons learned from the management of such a complex collaborative development involving a team of about 60 people from different organisations and cultures.


From the MELODIC website

MELODIC is a multicloud optimization platform and automatic deployment solution of the application to different cloud providers without changing configuration – full cloud agnostic approach. The selection of cloud providers and cloud resources is fully optimized, instead of prices, performance, reliability instead of other factors. After the initial deployment the application is continuously monitored for checking the business goals fulfilment  and appropriately reconfigured to always maintain the optimal operation. 

EU H2020 Melodic 

Read more about how this project will make clouds safer and more user friendly (in Norwegian). 



  • Dr Geir Horn, Head of European ICT Projects at the University of Oslo and MELODIC Coordinator


  • Welcome and introduction of the speaker
  • Presentation on MELODIC by Geir Horn
  • Q&A



  • Webinar tool: Zoom - the link to the webinar will be distributed to those who have registered around noon on the day of the webinar
  • Seats: 100 - please make sure you unregister using the link in your registration confirmation email or contact in case you are unable to join
  • Language: English

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