Getting Solar Orbiter off the Earth

Getting Solar Orbiter off the Earth

Our speaker for this event, César García Marirrodriga, is the Project Manager for Solar Orbiter, in the Directorate of Science, Projects Department, at the ESA. His main responsibility is mission success, no less.

About Solar Orbiter

Solar Orbiter (SolO) is making significant breakthroughs in our understanding of how the inner heliosphere works, also researching the effects of solar activity. The spacecraft takes a unique combination of measurements: in situ measurements are used alongside remote sensing close to the sun to relate these measurements back to their source regions and structures on the sun’s surface. It will operate both in and out of the ecliptic plane. SolO measures solar wind plasma, fields, waves and energetic particles close enough to the sun to ensure that they remain relatively pristine. Mission status: launched in February 2020 on board an AtlasV from Cape Canaveral, now in operation.




  • Introduction about ESA and current and future projects
  • The Solar Orbiter project and unique aspects from a technical and management point of view, including all the testing done to minimize risk
  • Project Management in Space projects at the ESA, risks, lessons learnt
  • Q&A



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