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In today’s commercial arena, achieving best practice is a laudable ambition. But it’s the continuous improvement journey, not the end strategic destination, that has the real power to drive visible accountable success.

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NExt, a Schlumberger company and a PMP R.E.P., will hold their ultipmate PMP® Prep Boot Camp in Stavanger 24-28 June.


10% discount for PMI members.

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Sted: Schlumberger (Tananger)

Her er tekst for den korte beskrivelsen.

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Fagområde(r) og fordeling av antall PDUer innen PMIs Talent Triangle: Strategic & Business Management / Technical / Leadership

PDUene registreres av den enkelte deltaker. Den mest oppdaterte veiledningen i hvordan dette gjøres, finner man på ved å logge seg inn og gå inn på myPMI.

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A widening communication gap between Executives and the PMO community is impacting businesses worldwide. Execs aren’t receiving the information they need in the formats they demand, and PMOs aren’t aligning portfolio performance tracking outputs with their Execs’ needs and characteristics. Kivue has commissioned research with people working on both sides of the gap and discovered major discrepancies between what execs are demanding and what PMOs are delivering. Attend our webinar to discover more.

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