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Rogaland Branch - The power of project management in disruptive times

Rogaland Branch - The power of project management in disruptive times

 Rogaland Branch - The power of project management in disruptive times
 What is Design Thinking? Digitalization and Culture Change

Driving innovation with design thinking

Design thinking gives us a vast toolbox for creative problem solving. Applied design thinking can provide us valuable insights and new perspectives that helps drive innovation. The talk explains the basics of design thinking, and gives an example of how design thinking has been used for mobile app development in Equinor. Design methodology and a close feedback loop with actual users helped us avoid decision making based on assumptions, it improved communication in the project, and it allowed us to come up with better solutions

Digitalization and culture change

Digitalization is about changing how humans and machines work and changing the business models. To implement a transformation project that delivers real value is also about changing from analog working culture to digital working culture. This presentation will focus on how these two cultures differ from each other and what does it take for a company to make the change. As an example, we  will learn how Aker BP has implemented agile ways of working streamlining decisions and accelerating the rollout of data powered processes in a record time

Governance in times of disruption

It is not possible to continue with business as usual in these times of rapid and continual change. Or is it? A whole new world is promised through these “new” digital technologies, with adopted business models and new possibilities. The presentation discusses these trends and shows how an organization can use governance tools deal with them.   

About the presenters

  • Jon Jaatun is a UX designer in Olavstoppen AS, a subsidiary of Bouvet. He has 10 years of experience in the software industry, previously as a developer and for the past 7 years as a UX designer
  • Håkon Leknes is a Director of Customer Success at Cognite and is playing one of the key roles in Aker BP's digital transformation project where he is responsible for the overall implementation of agile methodology in different crews. The agile teams have already many use cases operationalized and have completely transformed a way of working in what used to be a traditional project driven environment. Håkon holds a Master's degree in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from NTNU and has vast experience in consulting, with focus on the Oil & Gas industry, digitalization and transformation. 
  • Jochen holds a Diploma degree in Industrial Engineering and a PhD in computer science. He has been a consultant for Bouvet the last 10 years, working for different customers and in different roles. He has worked with Management system and Business Process Management in different sectors, like in oil and gas, pharmacy and the public administration.


Practical information

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The meeting is free

Target audience: Project managers and professionals 

Venue: Laberget 28, 4020 Stavanger (Bouvet offices in Jåttåvågen)

Start: 17:00 

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 Bouvet Offices Jåttåvågen
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