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Rogaland Branch - Project success using no nonsense risk management techniques

Rogaland Branch - Project success using no nonsense risk management techniques

 Rogaland Branch - What I talk about when I talk about risk management
 The concept of risk has intruded the most remote corners of professional life. We are confronted with requirements to identify risk, assess risk, manage risk, report risk. We are asked to review threat levels and vulnerability, assigning probabilities and

Risk management concepts have their origin in rolling of dices and insurance statistics. In projects we do not observe random events; we manage events and act continually on dynamic environments. In a project context, we have clear goals we are tasked to achieve. We have a plan that includes the things we, as professionals know we need to do to achieve it. 

With the plan in hand, ‘risk assessment’ is about taking the pessimistic hat on and asking “what could possibly happen and prevent us from achieving the goal?”. Risk assessment is about structuring the concerns, discussing, communicating and making decisions on mitigation activities.  Project risk is not about stochastic modelling. Probabilities can help express uncertainty but are not important in the end. Effective actions and responses are.

About the presenter

Jens Koerte is a graduate engineer from NTNU with a major in industrial aerodynamics. After several years in research and industry, he took a PhD in risk management in operations at the University of Stavanger. Jens has long industrial experience through 18 years in CHC helicopters in management positions in Norway, UK and Canada. In 2008, he left his Managing Director position in Heli-One Norge AS (a subsidiary of CHC) and has since worked as a consultant and advisor with customers within oil & gas, air and land transport, with a focus on structuring businesses and risk management at company level, in operations and project.


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Target audience: Project managers and professionals, Project enthusiasts

Venue: Santander Consumer Bank, Strandkaien 42, 4005 Stavanger 

Start: 17:00 until appr. 19:30


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 Santander Consumer Bank
 Strandkaien 42

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