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Oslo Branch - Successful Project Leadership in an Era of Relentless Change

This seminar has a primary focus on leadership, and our guest speaker is Konrad Mech, Director of Subsea Channel Management at Kongsberg Maritime in Horten, who sponsors our speaker. Our careers are impacted by relentless change. Not only is technology rapidly evolving, the global business center of mass is shifting quickly from the West to Asia. If we don’t learn how to lead our teams ahead of change, we risk project failure.

Startdato og -tid 18-09-2019 17:00
Sluttdato og -tid 18-09-2019 19:30
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Sted: Teknologihuset, Pilestredet 56, 0167 Oslo
PMI Organizational Agility Conference

Help PMI celebrate this event's 5th anniversary! The PMI® Organizational Agility Conference returns bigger and better than ever as we examine Evolving Approaches to Resilient Value Delivery!

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Startdato og -tid 12-09-2019 15:00
Sluttdato og -tid 12-09-2019 23:00
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Rogaland Branch - Humanitarian Projects in War Zones

Velkommen til PMI PUB i samarbeid med Solv!

Som vi alle vet, bidrar norske skattebetalere med milliardbeløp til humanitære tiltak og operasjoner i mange land der kriser og krig har rammet. Prosjektene er nok like komplekse som andre norske prosjekter som krever dyktig og profesjonell prosjektledelse. Likevel hører vi lite om selve prosjektarbeidet i mediene - om planleggingen, metodikken og gjennomføringen.

Startdato og -tid 29-08-2019 17:00
Sluttdato og -tid 29-08-2019 20:00
Pris per person Gratis
Sted: Solv (Sandnes)
Oslo Project Symposium 2019
Very large projects have a significant impact - both political and economic - on the countries and communities involved or affected by the projects. And they require Project Management!
This year's project symposium will explore these projects.
Go to the conference website for all details.
Startdato og -tid 26-08-2019 12:00
Sluttdato og -tid 27-08-2019 13:30
Påmeldingsfrist 26-08-2019 11:00
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PMI Event Number OPS20190826
Sted: Ingeniørenes Hus (Oslo)
Webinar: Going from good to better to best PMO practice

In today’s commercial arena, achieving best practice is a laudable ambition. But it’s the continuous improvement journey, not the end strategic destination, that has the real power to drive visible accountable success.

Startdato og -tid 08-08-2019 16:30
Sluttdato og -tid 08-08-2019 17:30
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