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AVLYST pga COVID-19: Oslo Branch - Ernst&Young - Learning Agile by playing #theEYagilegame

AVLYST pga COVID-19: Oslo Branch - Ernst&Young - Learning Agile by playing #theEYagilegame

AVLYST pga COVID-19: Oslo Branch - Ernst&Young - Learning Agile by playing #theEYagilegame

Lær Smidig ved å spille #theEYagilegame | Learning agile by playing #theEYagilegame

EY (Ernst & Young) are having great success with their intro to agile working, #theEYagilegame, which is a Nordic innovation by EY. They are sponsoring this course specifically for PMI Norway Chapter on April 1st. There will be a limit of 36 participants, as this is a highly interactive session.


About the Game 

Today, the preferences and priorities of the market are unpredictable and rapidly changing. In addition, customer requirements are not clear at the outset and do not remain stable throughout the development process. Agile is one of the most used buzzwords in today’s society, but do you know what it is all about and how you can utilize the power of agile?

#theEYagilegame is a team-based competition focused on understanding how to be agile both in theory and in practice. The theory is built on Global EY knowledge, including real world examples from EY projects, combined with scientific literature.

The game is developed by EY Norway and is now used globally in EY with clients. It is focused on the new trend with product orientation in development.


The Speakers


Jarle Strømmen


Jarle is a Director in EY and the Nordic Head of Digital Health. He has worked with innovation and agile within the public sector for many years and is part of the group that invented and developed the game to what it is today.


Elisabeth Wallem


Elisabeth is an Associate Partner in EY and Head of Project and Portfolio Management. Her focus is working with hybrid organisations and how the different methodologies can co-exist.


Inger Lin Eksås


Inger Lin is a Senior Manager within the People Advisory Services in EY. She has been working with organisational development and enterprise management for many years and will focus on the people aspect of agile.


Food and drink:  Refreshments are served at 16.30


Registration: Via website . Please hurry and register, as there are limited places available.

The meeting is free for all registrants, but to avoid waste there is a no-show fee of NOK 250 for registrants who do not inform us by email to if they cannot make it, by 12.00 noon on Tuesday March 31st (or cancel by using their registration confirmation by this deadline).


Language: The game itself will be in English, but the facilitation will be in Norwegian. Therefore, a basic understanding of Norwegian is required for this event.

Event Properties

Startdato og -tid 01-04-2020 16:30
Sluttdato og -tid 01-04-2020 20:00
Startdato for påmelding 19-02-2020
Påmeldingsfrist 01-04-2020 16:30
Pris per person Gratis (no show-gebyr)
No. of Strategic PDUs 2
No. of Leadership PDUs 1
PMI Event Number C226G9D1KS (OSL20200401)
Sted Teknologihuset, Pilestredet 56, 0167 Oslo