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Oslo Branch - Successful Project Leadership in an Era of Relentless Change

Oslo Branch - Successful Project Leadership in an Era of Relentless Change

Oslo Branch - Successful Project Leadership in an Era of Relentless Change

This seminar has a primary focus on leadership, and our guest speaker is Konrad Mech, Director of Subsea Channel Management at Kongsberg Maritime in Horten, who sponsors our speaker. Our careers are impacted by relentless change. Not only is technology rapidly evolving, the global business center of mass is shifting quickly from the West to Asia. If we don’t learn how to lead our teams ahead of change, we risk project failure. As Project Managers, many of us work in specialized industries. That makes us susceptible to tunnel vision, group think, and missing out on best practices from unrelated fields. We can learn transferable skills by studying and understanding project workflows from completely different businesses.

KonradMechThis seminar, presented as a lecture with interactive case studies, will first examine the Iron Triangle using a tool I call the Project Manager Lens. What dominates a particular project – Schedule? Resources? Scope? Then we will answer the following questions: How does instructing an alpine ski class resemble Agile Project Management? Why did the Florida International University Pedestrian Bridge collapse? How does commercial condominium construction differ from conducting Infantry Battalion combat operations? What makes Symphony Conductors excellent project managers? How is Kongsberg’s Sensors and Robotics Division dealing with global sales channels in the midst of Kongsberg’s largest ever business acquisition? We will conclude the evening with a case study where you are the project manager of a project you’ve never handled before, and it it can be fun!

Konrad Mech, CD, P.Eng., PMP, BEng, BA, MBA, is a Registered Professional Engineer in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia and a certified PMP. He is a PMI member of the Canadian West Coast Chapter in Vancouver, Canada. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Royal Military College of Canada and attained the rank of Major in the Royal Canadian Artillery active Reserves. He also holds a BA from the University of Toronto and an MBA from INSEAD France. He is currently Director of Subsea Channel Management at Kongsberg Maritime AS, a world leader in subsea applications. He is fluent in French and speaks functional Spanish. Among his other interests; He holds a Black Belt in Taekwan Do, is a Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance Level II Ski Instructor and his secret vice is riding his motorcycle.

This seminar will be in English. We welcome PMI members, and other project professionals from the project network, as well as employees from our partner organisations.

The meeting is free for PMI members, and has a cost of NOK 200 for guests. But but to avoid waste there is a no-show fee of NOK 200 for PMI members who do not inform us by 12.00 noon on Tuesday September 17th through cancelling their registration or contacting



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