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eLearning: Data Landscape of GenAI for Project Managers


Course Description

In this course, learners will gain the essential concepts around data and generative AI models. They'll learn about the types of data that are best for use with GenAI models and the role of the quality, volume, and variety of data. This course explores risks, common security threats, and how to keep data safe through data governance. Learners can apply the GenAI Data Landscape Canvas for Project Managers—a structured path to work with data and GenAI to collaborate with organization experts to improve project outcomes.

What you will learn:

  • Essential concepts around data and GenAI models
  • Data governance, risks, limitations and common security threats related to GenA
  • A specific path to applying data and GenAI to collaboration with experts to improve project outcomes


Talent Triangle PDUs:

Ways of Working: 4 PDUs

Business Acumen: 1 PDU

Total PDUs you may claim: 5.

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