PMP Study Group. Will you join?

This year, PMP Study Group is organised by PMI Szczecin Branch and PMI Finland. As for now, we are searching for volunteers to act as remote lecturers for PMBOK edition 5 topics and of course participants to attend the PMP Study Group. Online sessions will be organised as follows*:


19.10.2017 18:00 CET Test session
23.10.2017 18:00 CET PM Framework (PMBOK 1-3)
26.10.2017 18:00 CET Project Integration Management (PMBOK 4)
30.10.2017 18:00 CET Project Scope Management (PMBOK 5)
02.11.2017 18:00 CET Project Time Management (PMBOK 6)
06.11.2017 18:00 CET Project Cost Management (PMBOK 7)
09.11.2017 18:00 CET Project Quality Management (PMBOK 8)
13.11.2017 18:00 CET Project Human Resource Management (PMBOK 9)
16.11.2017 18:00 CET Project Communications Management (PMBOK 10)
20.11.2017 18:00 CET Project Risk Management (PMBOK 11)
23.11.2017 18:00 CET Project Procurement Management (PMBOK 12)
27.11.2017 18:00 CET Project Stakeholder Management (PMBOK 13)
30.11.2017 18:00 CET Ethics & Professional Code of Conduct

* Schedule may be changed due to Lecturer availability.?


Lecturer prerequisite:

– CAPM or PMP, more recent certification preferred.
You may apply for one or several sessions and will be rewarded with PDUs accordingly.
Expected from Lecturer:
– Prepare and run the online session scheduled for about 2 hours each (including Q&A).
You may apply via PMI VRMS site.?


Participant prerequisite:

– Chapter members and non-members welcome
– free for Chapter Members
– paid 20 EUR for no Members (for the whole course!)

When interested – contact the PMO Study Group organiser Magdalena W?adyka-Dyrkacz (magdalena.wladyka@pmi.org.pl)



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