Bli med på Mastergrad thesis spørreundersøkelse

Stakeholder Evolution and Dynamics

A student at NTNU, in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Omar ElWakeel, is completing his masters degree thesis on Stakeholder Management, with the interesting title “Stakeholder Evolution and Dynamics”. PMI has been invited to participate in the study and providingvaluable input from its members.

Please complete the questionnaire online by using the link https://goo.gl/forms/n6ohLNaEN3PJmVXy1


When answering the survey, kindly keep in mind the following guiding points:

  1. While answering the questions included in the survey, both general and specific, please place your judgement based on the last completed project that you or your organization were part of.
  2. Should you find a stakeholder in the list of stakeholders that was represented by you or your organization in that specific project, please leave the rating of that specific stakeholder blank.
  3. Please keep in mind the following definitions of the terms “Power” and “Interest”, based on the work of Stefan Olander and Anne Landin (2005) while answering the questions.
  4. We define “power” here as the ability of a certain stakeholder to impress their own expectations on a project.
  5. And define “interest” as the will of a certain stakeholder to impress their own expectations on a project.


The list of stakeholders included in the survey was developed based on the work of Kate Davis (2014), while the phases of the project life cycle were identified using the work of Do Ba Khang and Tun Lin Moe (2008).

I highly appreciate your valuable input by completing the survey and hope I will be able to put it to the best use possible and share the results with the Project Management Community.

Please provide your answer before March 17th.




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