A popular event about project management in oil and gas

On the 28th of February a lot of passionate people from various companies in different industries showed up at the new Wintershall building in Stavanger with two purposes in mind. Firstly to get out of the biting Siberian winter, and secondly to hear about the exciting perspectives regarding projct management standards, tools and techniques within the oil and gas sector.

After kicking off the event with some tasty pizza, Ketil Espenæs – Branch Leader PMI Norway Chapter Rogaland, welcomed everybody and gave a short presentation about PMI and our certifications.

Then it was time for Nicolaus Pringault to give his presentation: Project Management in Wintershall. He gave us an introduction to the ownership and history of Wintershall, the projectized organization of the company, how they are aligned with PMI and recent success stories. It was very interesting to hear about their successful completion of the Maria and Nova projects. Wintershall and its owner BASF recognize the qualities of PMI’s structured approach systematics and the PMP© certification.

Jean-Baptiste Berthomieu was the representative from DNV GL. He followed up with a nice talk on the PMP scheme in DNV GL – how, why and what. He covered how the organization needed to harmonize their PM practices and how their competency schemes are built up today. They have drawn many benefits from using the PMBOK training programs. DNV GL have experienced more alignment across projects globally, a common system and practice as well as better sharinge and re-use of knowledge. This has been visible both internally and towards the customers.

Javier Falcon from Oceaneering made the evening complete with his presentation focused on was the last presenter where he focused on the topic of the matrix organization. There were multiple benefits offrom going to matrix was many, includinglike better collaboration, efficient use of resoures, retention of people, building knowledge and alignment to strategy. He also demonstrated the established PMBOK framework and how it has been rooted in their management system. Using the PMBOK standard and the talent triangle have been a big help in managing teams, engaging stakeholders, tracking performance and always improving.

Thanks to all of you who attended this event and contributed to its success. A special thanks to the presenters and Wintershall for hosting the event.



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