Looking back at the PMI PUB event In Oslo

Last week many members attended an exciting PMI PUB event at Westerdals Oslo ACT, Kristiania College. Eivind Brevik, Head of department at the Institute of Technology, opened the evening with an introduction to education and research at the university college. He gave us a brief presentation on how Westerdals Oslo ACT and Kristinia College merged.

The first presentation was by Rolando Gonzalez (Department of Technology). He presented the results after 10 years of close collaboration with the industry. We got insights into the collaborative projects with companies Accenture, Avanade, Visma, Funcom and how they are organized and how the school contributes to the implementation of defined technology tasks.

Kai Schwind, Associate Professor, gave us an overview of the education course for the bachelor degree in project management, art subjects in close collaboration with many relevant actors across creative industries.

The last presentation was by master student Anniken Moe, who analyzed large-scale flexible projects and the way to continuous delivery in the Norwegian public sector for her master thesis. She talked about how to reorganize from a traditional plan-build-run approach to project organization of continuous delivery and autonomous teams. She also answered few questions from audience regarding the challenges faced by large organizations to become agile.

Thanks to everyone for attending and speaking at this PMI PUB event!



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