Survey on agile approach beyond the software industry

Danijela Ciric is a PhD student writing her thesis exploring the application of the agile approach in project management beyond the software industry. This research is one of the few in the world to receive PMI’s grant in 2018. Danijela has reached out to PMI chapters around the world since PMI members are typically professionals in the PM field.

Please copy this URL and paste into your browser. Clicking the link directly may give you an error message: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PMI_thesis_research_grant

After taking the survey, our experience is that it is most relevant to answer for someone who has been actively involved in a project the last 12 months. Moreover, the questions are most relevant for projects that have an external (to your organization) customer, but we responded to the survey with an internal (to our organization) project in mind, and it worked OK for the most part.

Can you spare 20-25 minutes to answer her survey? It is in English. Certified PMI members should be able to book 0.5 PDU for this effort.

Thank you in advance for supporting Danijela's research!