Lean Thinking and Project Management

Webstep hosted our PMI Pub event on the 22nd of August, where Dr Daryl Powell, an award winning lean practitioner from Kongsberg Maritime, gave a presentation on Lean thinking and practices. He demonstrated his expertise in a powerful, exciting, fun and engaging manner.

He inspired and challenged us to apply lean thinking to our projects, by emphasizing the need for continuous learning and elimination of waste.  Now we know that it is not so difficult. The analogy to a scrum in Rugby is still relevant.

Anita Hansen, Webstep’s sales and consulting manager highlighted Webstep’s impact on technological and business development in Norway. This was offered in projects through their competencies in digitisation, internet of things(IoT), machine learning and analytics.

There was a good turnout for the event, the location was perfect, and our host was very generous with the refreshments. We had a great time.