PMI Pub Oslo October Blog

In collaboration with ProsjektNorge and NTNU, we had a very enlightening event on the 24 th of
October at Teknologihuset in Oslo. The attendance was good, and we had the pleasure of learning
from three professors whose research has contributed to the field of project management.
Professor Magne Jørgensen (Simula Metropolitan, UiO), Professor Kim van Oorschot (BI Norwegian
Business School) and Professor Ole Jonny Klakegg (NTNU).

Professor Jørgensen emphasized the need for good benefit management practices during project
execution. He pointed out the connection to Agile project management, highlighting how key Agile
attributes (e.g. frequent delivery to production, flexible scope) leads to success. He also discussed
contract types, and their ability to either enhance or inhibit good benefits management practices.
Professor Oorschot with the aid of a case study showed how project progress information can impair
decisions taken by project teams, and give a false sense of control, in spite of competence level and
skills. She went further to explain how an illusion of control can also be a side effect of focusing on
quick fixes, instead of solving the fundamental project issues. The takeaways for project team were:
solve problems when they are small and as soon as they appear, avoid hasty solutions, look out for
warning signs, and be conscious of your decision-making process.

Professor Klakegg focused on how to get real value for money in projects. He talked about the
changing trends of industries and projects, as well as project delivery models. He concluded by
asserting that real value can be attained when: business and user needs are met by projects;
technology, processes and people work well together; and business models are compatible with
project delivery models.

We would like to say thank you to the professors for their presentations, and to the pub participants
for participating and providing constructive feedback.