PMI Oslo Pub - November Blog

PMI PUB og Innovasjon Norge - Passion for Project Growth Outside our Borders

We had another exciting pub seminar on the 21st of November. The turnout was good, and our host; Innovation Norway, was very generous with the venue and refreshments. The theme was international project leadership.

Maria Cathrine Lundstad Aulie and Eirik Henriksen (Senior Advisors, Innovation Norway) gave us an overview of how they operate globally, providing market opportunities for Norwegian companies, and helping businesses reduce risk and position themselves for international growth.

Ørjan Nottveidt (R&D Director, Radiocrafts) used his company as a case example to walk us through how they have managed as a small Norwegian company to become successful on the world stage. He talked about strategies for positioning the company, successes and failures, and the challenges for project management.

Vegard Rooth (Managing Director, Interimleder) outlined the Norwegian leadership style, and what Obama meant by “If only the Norwegians were in charge…”. He went on further to talk about the importance of leadership in business development projects, using examples from his broad international experience to illustrate the need for leaders to be adaptable to different cultures, politics and market conditions. He emphasized that adaptable leadership also involves knowing yourself and showing respect for others.