Merry Christmas

"And so this is Christmas, and what have we done?"

Lennon´s words come to mind as I contemplate the year that has passed, and especially what we have done since I joined this role in the PMI Norway Chapter, and I remind myself that in my last letter to you, I said I would have to words in mind going foreward; Family and Value.

Looking back at 2018, and the changes that are now starting to take place, I feel we are being true to those words. Because all in all, its all about making sure that our members, volunteers and partners, feel that their efforts are not just worth while, but that being member, and volunteering, is a natural thing to do..

To achieve this, we need to ensure that we create value in everything we do, and this is reflected in our new value vision and value statement which will be communicated in the beginning of next year, and with our decision to establish a "Young Professionals" branch within PMI Norway Chapter. Through this and other initiatives being started in 2019, we will strengthen PMIs position in Norway, and improve the communcation around what PMI is and answering the question of "whats in it for me".

I am really looking forward to 2019, as this is going to a very good PMI Norway Chapter year.
But until then, merry christmas to you all.
Morten Duesund



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