Power of Project Management in Disruptive Times - Event Summary

Our first event of the year, The Power of Project Management to thrive in Disruptive Times, started off with three exiting presentations and an engaged audience! We were close to 50 participants and the rooms was full to the last seat!


The program for the evening spanned from the view of an UX designer in Olavstoppen, a subsidiary of Bouvet, and how a close feedback loop with actual users enhances the overall solutions; to the prioritization agile practices from Cognite and AkerBP which encloses frequent celebrated successes and a unique team spirit (just to mention the Unicorn pictures) and it ended with a question around how governance can or should be applied referencing the German beer brewery ‘governance’, the ‘Reinheitsgebot’.


Networking took place before and in between the presentations over some pizza & ‘brus’.


We hope that the event has been interesting and joyful for all participants! If you have any comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and/or leave a message here.


Our thanks goes to the presenters Jon Jaatun, Håkon Leknes, Jochen Müller as well as Bouvet for providing the room for this event as well as all the attendees!



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