What I talk about when I talk about Risk Management - Event Summary

In our February Event we invited Jens Koerte from brim-as to speak to us about risk management. His presentation led us from why we use risk management and what it is (and what it is no) to an easy to apply concept of holding risk workshops. The discussions and questions during and after the presentation were knowledgeable and had a wide variety from practical applications towards sharing of knowledge between different participants. It was a great audience with engaged participants!

With close to 40 participants, this event gave a good opportunity for networking and we had plenty of time for it while solving the questions around risk management in our Kahoot! Quiz. The winner takes it all: chocolate for everybody! Food and drinks were served in the breaks so no one had to go home (or to town) hungry. We had the pleasure to also welcome our new leader for the freshly created young professional division in PMI, Maren whom we will soon hear more about.

Our thanks goes to the presenter Jens Koerte (brims-as), Santander Consumer Bank for providing the room and last but not least to the engaged audience! We are looking forward to our next event in March!

We hope that the event has been interesting for all participants. If you have any comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us and/or leave a message here.

FYI; the presentation can be accessed via the original meeting post on our PMI website.




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