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Project Management vs Change Management - recorded webinar with Ron Leeman


The debate about the alignment of Project Management and Change Management and how necessary they are for delivering successful projects has been ongoing for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come. Essentially the debate revolves around whether a Project Manager can be a Change Manager at the same time, or is there a need to have both disciplines working in collaboration when working on projects? For the full webinar description, see the event page.

Ron Leeman addressed the topic broadly, with multiple examples and references to expertise on the subject, during his 50 minute presentation. Afterwards followed an interactive Q&A session.

Recording on Vimeo

Slides in PDF format


We encourage everyone to reply to Ron's survey (link below) after watching the recorded session. And to get in touch with Ron for additional support on Change Management in particular.


Thank you, Ron, for a great session!




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