Congratulations, Beatriz!

Beatriz Alonso Castro from Repsol was nominated for the Aspiring Project Leader of the Year 2019 award, and was the successful winner in the end. Since she was unable to attend the award ceremony at the PMI Norway Chapter's Project Symposium in Oslo in August, the award was received on her behalf by her manager, Roland Daly.

Roland invited Lillian Rygg, President of PMI Norway Chapter Young Professionals, and Ingrid Wall, Branch Director on the Board of Directors of PMI Norway Chapter to Stavanger to present the award to Beatriz in person and to inform her team about the award and its importance. Beatriz was celebrated in Repsol and presented the award in person on 2 October.

In receiving the award, Beatriz said that she was very grateful that her team had nominated her for the award. “It is the result of the team’s effort”, she said.  She also thanked the project for trusting her with her current position and for getting the opportunity to contribute with her effort and knowledge on the YME subsea project.


PM Talent of the Year 2019 Beatriz


Pictures: Beatriz Alonso Castro (left) receiving the award from Lillian Rygg. Ingrid Wall on the right.


PM Talent of the Year 2019 Beatriz2


Lillian Rygg presented the reason for why Beatriz was the successful winner of this year's Aspiring Project Leader of the Year:

“Beatriz was selected from a field of a dozen candidates from all over Norway, for a newly created award specifically recognizing young project management talent. Speaking honestly, I initially had the feeling that the written description for Beatriz’s candidature was perhaps a little oversold. However, after spending the morning with Beatriz and seeing the videos documenting her work, I am now convinced that we made the right decision in putting forward and selecting Beatriz for the first ever PMI Norway Chapter Aspiring Project Manager of the Year Award”.

Ingrid Wall briefly introduced the Project Management Institute (PMI) and told the participants that PMI has a membership of more than half a million project management professionals from around the world. She continued to say that promoting a project management certification is an important step for companies to undertake in order to ensure that the necessary competence is held within the organization. “It is important that companies like Repsol recognise its young talent for their successes and competence”, was Ingrid's concluding remark.