Rogaland Branch - Shared Space for Organizations: Enablers for Innovative Projects

November 09, 2017
4:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Bouvet Norge Stavanger
Fabrikkveien 10
Stavanger, 4033
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  • kl 1700-1745: Innlegg om Shared Space for Organizations - del 1
  • kl 1745-1815: Pause
  • kl 1815-1900: Innlegg om Shared Space for Organizations - del 2



Changes in business environments require organizations to change and rebalance their project portfolios. Ideally, these portfolios consist of a constantly changing mix of exploitation and exploration projects. Such a dynamic portfolio needs support from an organizational structure that can handle these changes.

Usually, organizational structures come along with demarcations between project teams or departments, leading to learning silos that limit creativity and innovation. In other words, the exact opposite of what is needed.

An example from urban design, called “shared space”, is used as a source of inspiration. This example shows that removing street demarcations, rules and traffic signs (originally meant to reduce accidents), counterintuitively increases safety and traffic flows.

Several examples from a project management context are discussed that have similar effects. These so-called enablers for organizational project management also remove demarcations (rules and structures), thereby increasing communication within and across project teams and organizations. This increases the flow of knowledge and as such benefits creativity and innovation. 


Dr. Kim van Oorschot is Professor of Project Management in the Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour at the BI Norwegian Business School. Her current research focuses on decision making, trade-offs, and tipping points in dynamically complex settings, like new product development (NPD) projects. Her research projects are aimed at discovering so-called ‘decision traps': decisions that seem to be good on the short term, but have counterproductive effects on the long term. She also teaches project management and system dynamics to executive, master, and bachelor students. She has numerous publications in leading journals.


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Møtested: Bouvet Norge, Fabrikkveien 10, 4033 Stavanger

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