Oslo Branch - Go Global: Passion for Project Growth outside our Borders

November 21, 2018
4:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Innovasjon Norge
Akersgata 13
Oslo , 0158

Welcome to a very special Project Management Institute PMI PUB seminar in co-operation with Innovation Norway.

Go Global: Passion for Project Growth outside our Borders

First speakers: Eirik Henriksen and Maria Cathrine Lundstad Aulie:

Opportunities for International Growth

Eirik Henriksen, Senior Advisor at Innovation Norway, is “Passionate about helping companies in their pursuit for growth, internationalization and export”.  Maria Cathrine Lundstad Aulie is an experienced Senior Advisor with a track record of working in the international trade and development industry “The opportunities within international markets are great, but do not come without risks.”

Innovation Norway is represented in more than 30 countries worldwide and in every Norwegian county. Our distributed global infrastructure brings us close to customers and their potential markets, and enables us to lower business risks for companies and increase their return on investment. Yearly Innovation Norway advises and funds thousands of companies in their pursuit of international growth. The following topics will be discussed;

  • Status of Norway’s exports
  • What are the market opportunities for Norwegian business and where do we have our competitive advantages?
  • What experiences does Innovation Norway have with companies that are internationally engaged?
  • How to reduce risk and promote faster growth?
  • What can Innovation Norway help companies with along the way?


Second speaker: Ørjan Nottveidt:

The Story of Radiocrafts:  Making global business systems wireless

Ørjan will walk us through how a small Norwegian electronics R&D company has developed unique electronics wireless products with RF (radio frequency) technologies, and become a niche global supplier of specialised wireless devices. Radiocrafts designs, produces and markets high performance, high quality and cost-effective standard RF modules for use in a variety of wireless short-range applications, for customers whose products are now marketed and sold globally.  Ørjan is a graduate of NTNU in Trondheim, in electronics, telecommunications and radio systems, and is today R&D Director of Radiocrafts AS.   He has a wide work experience within wireless short range devices and Internet of Things, extensive RF experience, test experience and firmware development experience. His management experience includes technical project management and sub-contractor management of their largest customer projects.

(Til informasjon fikk vi på grunn av sykdom en endring i programmet for foredrag nr 2. Vi har fått en meget kvalifisert erstatning i Ørjan Nottveit fra Radiocrafts AS.)

Third speaker: Vegard Rooth:

Norwegian Leadership – Why did Obama say: “If only the Norwegians were in charge .."

Vegard discusses management, and why Obama admires Norwegian leadership. He talks specifically of projects and management issues exposed to the global arena. Vegard has a Master of Management degree from Handelshøyskolen BI, and post graduate studies at Stanford University and Oxford University. He has held a number of management assignments for international companies. He has been Managing Director of Interimleder since 2015.


PMI members, personnel from PMI partner companies, and practitioners of the project disciplines are welcome at no charge to this seminar covering some international challenges of project management.

Refreshments are served from 16.30.

Location: Innovasjon Norge, Akersgata 13, 0158 Oslo.

Registration:  via www.pmi-no.org . There is no charge for participation. Course Identifier: Oslo20181121.

If you have registered, but are not able to attend after all, please let us know by replying to this email: oslo.pub@pmi-no.org


PDU:  2,5 PDU (Professional Development Units) for PMP certified participants, 0,5 for technical , 1 for leadership and 1 for strategic.

Fagområde(r) og fordeling av antall PDUer innen PMIs Talent Triangle: Strategic & Business Management / Technical / Leadership. PDUene registreres av den enkelte deltaker. Den mest oppdaterte veiledningen i hvordan dette gjøres, finner man på www.pmi.org ved å logge seg inn og gå inn på myPMI.

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