Oslo Branch - Humanitarian Projects in War Zones

April 10, 2019
4:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Bislettgata 4
Oslo, 0170

Velkommen til PMI PUB i samarbeid med Miles. 

Humanitarian Projects in War Zones

Som vi alle vet bidrar norske skattebetalere med milliardbeløp til humanitære tiltak og operasjoner i mange land der kriser og krig har rammet. Prosjektene er nok like komplekse som andre norske prosjekter som krever dyktig og profesjonell prosjektledelse. Likevel hører vi lite om selve prosjektarbeidet i mediene - om planleggingen, metodikken og gjennomføringen.

PMI is fortunate in having a PMI member, Moneer Barazi, as speaker. He has actually worked in projects in Syria in war conflict areas. We can also welcome Lars André Skari from the Red Cross as speaker. Lars André will share with us their wealth of experience in humanitarian projects, in war zones, earthquakes and natural disasters.

Our sponsor will open this evening’s  programme with an introduction to Miles Oslo AS, and give us an overview of their company, services and project portfolio. 

Later in the programme after the break we welcome Morten Duesund PhD, the president of PMI Norway Chapter, who will give us a summary of the current chapter activities and an overview of the 2019 plans for the Chapter.

There are 2 speakers with presentations from humanitarian projects:

1. Managing humanitarian projects with minimal resources in the volatile Middle Eastern environment

Moneer Barazi has experience from humanitarian project in Syria, and being a Syrian himself knows very well what awful conditions there were there in the past 5 years. Humanitarian projects are unique endeavors that differ from commercial projects. They are often implemented in volatile and challenging environments. In this seminar, three humanitarian projects will be discussed to extract lessons from them. Those projects were carried out in war zones or nearby areas in the Middle East. Two of three projects were focused on education, and the third was focused on agriculture.

Moneer Barazi is a certified PMP. He holds a BA in economics and an MBA in strategic management. He has many years of experience as a researcher and writer in economics and management, including five years of project management with different humanitarian organisations. Barazi has recently started his own company in Norway, under the name Barazi

2. Managing Humanitarian Actions in some of the most challenging contexts in the World – an Organisational Approach 

Lars André Skari is head of Strategy and Results in the International Program and Preparedness department of the Norwegian Red Cross (NorCross). He oversees the team defines how NorCross works on strategic and operational level to maximise the effect of their international humanitarian actions. This includes performance and risk management, project planning, monitoring, evaluation and reporting as well as learning. His team also oversees NorCross’ efforts to innovate more systematically and to apply technology to help more people in a better and more effective manner.

Lars André Skari has worked with the Norwegian Red Cross since October 2010. He came to the Red Cross after working 11 years abroad and 3 years as an international consultant. In addition to the Red Cross, he has worked with the Norwegian Refugee Council, the International Management Group, UNHCR, ECHO, the Serbian, Macedonian, Montenegrin and Moldovan authorities, the Municipality Association of Norway (KS) and Save the Children. He has worked with humanitarian, reconstruction and development assistance at an operational and strategic level, including as a special advisor to the Serbian Deputy Prime Minister (2004-2006). He has hands on experience from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Uganda, Moldova, Albania, Haiti and South Sudan. Lars André Skari is a qualified carpenter, Civil Engineer and graduate Economist (Siviløkonom).

We welcome PMI members, project professionals, the project network and professional aid workers to this most interesting seminar.

Servering: Refreshments are served from 16.30.

Påmelding: Registration via PMI website. Please hurry and register, there are still places available.

The meeting is free for all registrants. To avoid waste, there is a no-show fee of NOK 250 for registrants who do not inform us by mail if they cannot make it, by 12.00 noon on Tuesday April 9th. E-mail oslo.pub@pmi-no.org.

PDU: 2 PDU for PMP certified participants, one for leadership and one for strategy. Please register PDUs on www.pmi.org


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