Events and activities planned for 2022 onwards

During the Corona period, there has been very limited activity in the Oslo Branch, but the goal for Oslo Branch is to deliver eight seminars per year. 

Oslo Branch promotes project management certification at our events, and we are always ready to answer questions about PMI's certifications in particular.

Oslo Branch has had five coopetition events with other academic and PM organisations in the last three years; ProsjektNorge, NTNU, BI, Høyskolen Kristiania and NITO, which have all been most successful and well attended. The coopetition approach will continue.

Attracting corporate partners and new members

We have an ambition to secure more PMI members in the Oslo region, and to work with the Partner and Sponsor Director on the Chapter Board to engage more companies in the Oslo and Viken region to become corporate partners and sponsors, and to help promote PMI membership in their organisations.