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Experiences from the SmartChain project at Kongsberg Maritime Subsea - recording and slides


Emrah's presentation was packed with concrete findings and outcomes of their research project with Kongsberg Maritime Subsea, and truly showed the complexity involved in aligning many stakeholders, tools and stakeholders for the project. And the audience asked questions both related to how suppliers contributed in the project, and how the project managed to deliver on the stated goals and expectations.

Details about the session can still be accessed in the event description.

Many thanks to Emrah Arica from Sintef, faciliators Bjørn Harald Jakobsen and Joan Frost Urstad from PMI Norway Chapter, and to the engaged audience. Also, thank you to Sintef and Kongsberg Maritime Subsea for collaborating with PMI Norway Chapter on this webinar.

Slides presented in the session (PDF)

Recording from the MS Teams session (MP4)




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